Meghan Markle Princess Eugenie and Kate Middletons engagement rings Everything you need to know

Meghan Markle Princess Eugenie and Kate Middletons engagement rings Everything you need to knowIts exciting that they have collected a diamond from Botswana because its a great model for an African nation who has really benefited from their diamond wealth.

Meghans ring was custom designed by Harry. It features a center cushioncut diamond that is framed by two round diamonds from Princess Dianas personal collection, and theyre set on a timeless yellow gold band, so really sophisticated, very befitting for a princess, while also matching Meghans chicyetrelaxed perfectly. Certainly the ct that the center diamond is from Botswana really sets the ring apart and reflects both Harry and Meghans shared commitment to social and environmental responsibility.

Fox News With the help of Cleave Company of London, Harry is said to have designed Meghans ring himself. The main stone is from Botswana; do you think its ethically sourced?

MoneyThe mily connection is one of the aspects of these royal engagement rings that we really love I think for everyday couples, it really varies. Most milies dont have a royal collection to select from, but certainly we love the sentiment attached to honoring a mily member, or connecting a mily heirloom to your wedding.

Fox News In , we heard so much about Princess Dianas sapphire ring when Prince William and Kate got engaged. According toVogue,it was actually Harry who inherited the ring, but he gave it over to Will because he adored Kate like a sister. What are your thoughts on the matter?

And then Meghans ring, we estimate that the center is five carats and its framed by two diamonds that are roughly three quarter carats each; to replicate that ring, we estimate it to be upwards of , U.S. dollars, assuming that that cushioncut center diamond has rare, highquality cut. Given the use of royal heirlooms with Princess Dianaa diamonds, again, her ring has a cultural significance which makes estimating a challenge.

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MoneyKates ring was certainly a trendsetter, causing a resurgence in the popularity of ed gemstone rings, the irony being that sapphire, ruby, emerald engagement rings amongst royal milies have gone back for generations. I anticipate that well see an increase in threestone rings, as well as an interest in the market for ed sapphires. I anticipate more three stone rings, as well an interest in the more precious, offbeat gemstones and I am looking forward to it!

Fox News Estimates for these engagement rings are quite high. How would you gauge them?

Meghan Markle, Princess Eugenie, and Kate Middletons engagement rings Everything you need to know

We also love that this ring is a combination of the old and the new the diamonds from Princess Dianas reflects a connection to mily and tradition, and the stone from Botswana represents a connection for Harry and Meghan and their shared memories together.

For Princess Eugenies ring, we were estimating the approximate price would be , to , U.S. dollars, but it varies and depends on the specific qualities of the gemstone, which is obviously to hard to assess just looking at a picture.

MoneyAs Kate Middletons belonged to Princess Diana, and theres significance, historical and cultural value associated with that its a very difficult ring to estimate, and I would contain that ring as priceless.


Regardless of whatever a ring costs, its really about what it represents for the couple, signifying a really important personal step in their life, its really the most important thing.

Fox News From Meghans threestone sparkler to Princess Eugenies millennial pink diamond, both of the ladies rings have a definite, personal look to them. Do you think we can expect to see the rings set shion trends?

If couples are not incorporating a mily heirloom as an engagement ring, there are other ways they can certainly involve heirlooms, such as a pendant or earring on the wedding day, or as your something borrowed or your something blue, which is a really nice way to honor a mily member.

The Morganite Windsor Diamond Ring is a serious lookalike to Princess Eugenies.Brilliant Earth

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The Duchess of Cambridge, Meghan Markle and Princess Eugenie all have highly buzzed about engagement rings. Reuters

MoneyI think the rings are a perfect reflection of each of the princess unique . Kates ring is timeless, and it fits perfectly with her sophisticated, chic . Meghan ring is very timeless, in that classic, relaxed manner, and connects with the personal Botswana, a place personally important to Harry and Meghan. Both rings have a connection to Princess Diana, which is wonderful.

The Lotus Flower Diamond Ring looks much like Kate Middletons mous sparkler.Brilliant Earth

MoneyBotswana diamond mining has actually contributed to transforming Botswana as one of Africas most prosperous economies. Nearly half of the government revenue in Botswana comes from the diamond industry, so, when the country declared independence in the late s, the government had used the diamond revenues to institute universal primary education, and make investments in infrastructure and health care.

The Selene Diamond Ring features a classic threestone look like Meghan Markles.Brilliant Earth

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is shaping up to be a special year for the British royal mily, asPrince Harry and Meghan Markle marry in May, andPrincess Eugenie and beau Jack Brooksbanktie the knot in October. As if mily matters couldnt get any sweeter,the Duke and Duchess of Cambridgewill welcome their third child in April, around their seventh wedding anniversary.

Fox News For the entire Windsor clan, were seeing a strong mily influence on their engagement rings. Meghans ring has Dianas diamonds, Eugenies ring looks just like her mother Fergies ring from Prince Andrew, Kate has Dianas actual engagement ring. When it comes to engagement rings and wedding bands for everyday couples, do you often encounter such strong homage to mily?

What we love about Eugenies ring is that its a beautiful reflection of a general trend were seeing in the marketplace of brides who opt for rings that express their unique personality and their inidual tastes. In particular, her ring incorporates a number of stylistic elements that are becoming increasingly popular among brides today shes featuring a ed gemstone in lieu of a center diamond, a setting with a distinctive halo or mixed metal. Shes even incorporated the very ontrend millennial pink hue into her ring.

Kathryn MoneyPrincess Eugenies ring features what appears to be a brilliant, oval, padparadscha sapphire its a gorgeous gemstone and very unique, due to its pinkish orange . Her ring showcases the gemstone in a mixed metal white and yellow gold setting, with a distinctive vintage halo that has pear and round diamonds.

On the eve of such festivities, Fox News chatted with Kathryn Money, VP of Strategy and Merchandising at ethicallysourced jeweler Brilliant Earth, about one of the buzziest topics in the world this year all those engagement rings.


Fox News Can you speak to the engagement rings of each bridetobe? These pieces truly seem to reflect their personalities.

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