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So Genome do you use your cock rings along with your implant?

years old. ED since total venous leakage after penile fracture. Tried all the pills and injections all iled to help. Some success with VED, but felt too unnatural to both of us, seldom used. Implanted //. Trying to wear IT out.

What width cut on the universal bicycle tube works best for you? / inch? / inch? inch?

Cock rings help ameliorate the problem caused when the doctor used way too short an implant on me. It helps firm up the unsupported distal end just behind the glans. The empty unsupported inch of shaft begind the glans apparently fills with blood.

First of all let me remind you that my implant was grossly underd by my physician.This left a full inch of my shaft plus my glans……with NO IMPLANT SUPPORT. The implant tips end a full inch behind my glans. Thus my erection by the implant is useless. The whole last inches of my penis just flop back and forth limply or even fold back over my shaft when my implant is fully inflated inch of glans plus inch of unsupported shaft.

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Buy a universal d bicycle inner tube that costs about .. Universal will fit any bicycle tire. Their diameters stretch from bout . inches to . inches. Buy mine at Walmart.

I was implanted with the Coloplast Titan years ago and have had rock hard erections with great penile sensitivity ever since.

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Just two cents from an LGX thinking of guy

My doctor told me NEVER EVEN THINK of using a cock ring with my implant

I congratulate you on solving your implant problem. You are certainly an inventive guy. As a fellow graduate of Thundersplace, I grieved for you after your implant because I know how hard you worked to get where you are. Your situation smacks of malpractice and you are to be applauded for handling it so well. Have you tried BTBalls with the bicycle cock ring …..or would that take another bigger d bicycle tube? BTB works best for me with cock rings and my wife loves the bulky ones in .

. Retired. AMS LGX implanted Nov. , . Ask me any questions about being implanted or life afterwards.

I discovered that when i use a moderately tight cock ring, it will allow that last unsupported portion of my penis to fill with blood and give the unsupported last inches of my penis some useful level of turgidity. Inflation alone is worthless…not because it is not rigid…but because it is way too short to support my shaft. But inflation plus a cock ring provides the useful erection you see in the above photographs. I also get a turgid glans and increased girth. This converted a useless implanted penis into one that is very satisctory.

BTW….the cock ring I use is not strangling my implant. It is only tight enough to allow blood and fluids to accumulate in the hollow unsupported distal end of my penis…..and to some degree it adds good girth.

PostbythinktankSat Jul , pm

Since you guys have a properly fitted implant, there is no reason for you to consider using a cockring. I AM NOT RECOMMENDING ANYONE WITH AN IMPLANT TO USE A COCK RING. If the cock ring makes my implant il a bit early…who cares…it was the wrong anyway and semiuseless. At least it will be replaced with the properly d implant and I will finally have an optimal implantation. Again……rigidity of the implant is NOT the issue….the implant…which is way too short becomes rock hard. It is not the reason for the ring.

I am about your so whatever works for you should work for me, although you are definitely the king of the Frank Talk hill.

I forgot to mention that the cock ring also helps the glans to inflate better…..and this makes Spike a bit more sensitive to touch….which is welcome. Also…as can be seen in this pic and the one above….the veins of the shaft become inflated.

I have been asked to describe how I make my own cock rings. These are cheap, easy to make, and work better than any of the many I have purchased.

Make a single diagonal cut to turn the circular tube into a long cylinder. Cut ring sections off either end. Make rings of various widths to see which width is best for you.


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